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Mike Lake (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Well, Jaden and I have got this:…

Andrew Scheer (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Under Justin Trudeau, Canadians are working harder than ever, but they are falling further and further behind. A new Conservative government will table the Get Ahead Fiscal Update right out of the gates to put more money back in your pockets so you can get ahead.

Andrew Scheer (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Sous Trudeau, les Canadiens travaillent plus fort que jamais, mais ne réussissent pas à améliorer leur quotidien. Un gouv. conservateur déposera une mise à jour économique : Plus. Pour vous. Dès Maintenant, tout de suite après l’élection pour mettre plus d’argent dans vos poches.

RT @kategilson: "We could do with less political correctness and more straight talking" Tory @PhilipDaviesMP sucking up in #TrumpDebate !

Anna Soubry MP (Conservative) hat getwittert :

. @Sandbach has been principled & brave & now backs @peoplesvote_uk She voted 3x for Mays “deal” believing it was in her constituents’ best interest. @BorisJohnson now stands by & let’s this principled, brave woman be treated so shabbily? Pls send her your support

Anna Soubry MP (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Now a supporter of @peoplesvote_uk @Sandbach voted 3x for Mays “deal” believing it was in her constituents & best interests. On what possible basis does @BorisJohnson & stand by & let this principled brave woman be treated so shabbily? Please send her your support

RT @YourAlberta: Bill 16 would update the grazing fee framework for the first time in 25 years to create a system that’s fair for ranchers…

RT @Freedland: Funny how, on both sides, it always seems to be the women who the true believers want to throw out…

Andrew Scheer (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Le choix de cette #elxn43 est clair: une coalition Trudeau-NPD qui augmentera vos impôts ou un gouvernement conservateur majoritaire qui vivra selon ses moyens et mettra plus d’argent dans vos poches pour améliorer votre quotidien. C’est entre vos mains #PlusPourVousDèsMaintenant

RT @kitmalthouse: @MetPoliceEvents doing an outstanding job in tricky circs. Rights must be balanced between protestors and those affected.…