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Conservative Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire. Any policy queries please send to

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RT @OpenDialogus: @ABridgen It was the former Labour MP Tony Benn who first coined the phrase that “ There are two sorts of politician Signposts and Weathervanes”.… #WhatNext

RT @OpenDialogus: @ABridgen Independence from @NicolaSturgeon The Shetland Islands seek "financial and political self-determination" from Scotland whilst maintaining ties to the United Kingdom!…

RT @OpenDialogus: RT @OpenDialogus: @ABridgen The pandemic just got political and it’s catching! #WhatNext

RT @OpenDialogus: Brainwashing, Coercion, and Groupthink is currently all the rage in Westminster? @ABridgen @DouglasKMurray @prwhittle #WhatNext

RT @DiversitySolut: This morning, I had the great pleasure of hosting a special #podcast interview for @LoveBusinessBuz with @ABridgen and leading businesses to discuss what business can do during #COVID19.