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MP for NE Bedfordshire.

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RT @matthaig1: RT @matthaig1: A thought about Katie Hopkins.

RT @matthaig1: RT @matthaig1: 13 men die every day in UK because of suicide and many don't want us to see it as a gender issue. It is. And it helps all to…

RT @ProfSueBlack: RT @ProfSueBlack: There are so many reasons to love @LancasterUni campus and here are 12 of them - a prefect dozen (and Mum).

RT @ProfSueBlack: RT @ProfSueBlack: How cool would this be on Morecambe Bay @edenproject Perhaps a bit chilly at times ◽

RT @ProfSueBlack: Just recorded a piece for BBC North West on Eden Project North and how we continue to drive this 'oven ready' project over the line to early completion. All we need now is some confirmation from Gov that they are ready too @RishiSunak @BorisJohnson @davidmorrisml @edenproject

RT @ProfSueBlack: RT @ProfSueBlack: Morecambe in Lancashire

RT @ProfSueBlack: And, Wikipedia never lies, Morecambe Bay is the geographical centre of the UK. What a perfect place for the UK to 'build back better' with the Eden Project North right at the heart of the country 😀 @RishiSunak @BorisJohnson @davidmorrisml @LukeHall @edenproject

RT @ProfSueBlack: RT @ProfSueBlack: Inverness Royal Academy - Latin was an option. Loved it. Ecce Romani! Puer in hortus est!

RT @ProfSueBlack: RT @ProfSueBlack: People are made of sturdy stuff in Lancashire

RT @ProfSueBlack: RT @ProfSueBlack: Huge congrats!