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Trustee Doctors In Distress @DoctorsDistress Former MP, Govt Minister, Criminal barrister, TV presenter & reporter. Media enquiries to

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@baradavies Yes. Absolutely yes.

RT @Tim_Hallam: @VoteDarrenHenry apparently you said we've been working closely together on the #Stapleford bid. I'm working hard on that with #Broxtowe officers, and your involvement so far is a 5 min chat on my doorstep of which 4 were spent talking about dogs. Please stop talking crap mate.

RT @Tim_Hallam: RT @Tim_Hallam: We'll save the party-political mud-throwing for another day, because we're all #StrongerIn

RT @AnnabelMullin: RT @AnnabelMullin: Great to have Martin Bell out supporting our campaign in #London @ForChange_Now @ChangeUKLondon #EUElections2019 https:/…

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RT @LBC: "We sadly got a PM who was a charlatan, a narcissist and a liar, and that's why my daughter is dead." James O'Brien is moved to tears by grieving father Tony who urges people to remember bereaved families when casting their next vote. @mrjamesob

RT @theobertram: RT @theobertram: "I brought in Simon Case"... wow, significant slip

RT @Christo75118472: @Anna_Soubry I understand that Public Health England maintained that it had a 'handle' on virus testing - when clearly it didn't have the capacity. University laboratories were preprared to test. It happened in other countries. The govt. should have overruled PHE.

RT @patrickmoule: Hackney North CLP passed this utter disgrace of a motion this evening, 45 votes to 35. Jewish members bravely spoke up and their lived experience was ignored and denied. I feel ashamed and bereft that my political home of over a decade has sunk so low.

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RT @johndavidblake: A party capable of losing Nick Boles whilst being unable to shake off Mark Francois has substantial issues that go well beyond the matter of the moment.…