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Professor of Economics. German MEP for the ECR Group. For free markets and free trade. Euro-Realist. Posts by his team.

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Joachim Starbatty (EU) hat @Andhoflei retweetet :

RT @Andhoflei: RT @Andhoflei: @JStarbatty on the relevance of Hayek's business cycle theory

Joachim Starbatty (EU) hat @Buergerwille retweetet :

RT @Buergerwille: RT @Buergerwille: Homepage von Hans-Olaf Henkel und anderen zum Exit from Brexit:

Joachim Starbatty (EU) hat @Buergerwille retweetet :

RT @Buergerwille: RT @Buergerwille: Der #Euro hat Italiens Wirtschaft ruiniert. Hier sind die Folgen zu sehen:…

RT @spectatorindex: Government debt as share of GDP. Japan: 250% Greece: 179% Italy: 132% US: 106% Spain: 99% France: 96% Canada: 92% UK: 89% India: 69% Brazil: 69% Germany: 68% Pakistan: 66% Netherlands: 62% Israel: 62% China: 46% S Korea: 38% Turkey: 28% Russia: 17% Saudi Arabia: 13%

Joachim Starbatty (EU) hat @PoliticoRyan retweetet :

RT @PoliticoRyan: MEP Legutko has a pretty good line slamming those who say Hungary critics are not against the people, only the govt: “Who do you think elected the govt? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?” #Hungary #EU #Article7

Joachim Starbatty (EU) hat @PoliticoRyan retweetet :

RT @PoliticoRyan: RT @PoliticoRyan: When one of the world's most popular football clubs tells you to let people just vote ...…

Joachim Starbatty (EU) hat @paulkrugman retweetet :

RT @paulkrugman: On the UK disaster: May and Corbyn deserve all the opprobrium they're getting. But can we say a word about the European Commission? If they'd given even an inch pre-2016-vote, Brexit would never have happened. 1/

Joachim Starbatty (EU) hat @GarettJones retweetet :

RT @GarettJones: Faster growth in regulations this year predicts lower business investment this year---even at the industry level. GMU's Brandon Pizzola defended his excellent dissertation today; it included this paper, published this year in J Reg Econ ($):…

Joachim Starbatty (EU) hat @faznet geantwortet :

@faznet Erster Eindruck: Das #BVerG urteilt vom Ende her. Das Ergebnis muss dem Wunsch der @ecb und der Politik entsprechen.

Joachim Starbatty (EU) hat @krug_steffen retweetet :

RT @krug_steffen: Was Brüssel sagt, ist mir völlig egal, denn Deutschland wird zahlen. So oder so. Whatever it takes! #target2 #draghi #ezb…