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RT @HenryPryor: Govt. aiming for 250k new homes a year. 141k built last year down from 142k in 2015.

Melanie Onn MP (Labour) hat @HenryPryor retweetet :

RT @HenryPryor: Keep an eye on builders offers to pay your Stamp Duty, many now withdrawing this and trousering the Govt. Budget ch…

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RT @HenryPryor: Party politics aside full marks to a hard working constituency MP.…

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RT @HenryPryor: Hang on, is it this?

Grahame Morris (Labour) hat getwittert :

My Question to DWP Ministers:- 📈1 million more children since 2010 in poverty in working households. 📈1.5 million people relying on food banks. And a Government blind to hardship. Something needs to change. 🗳 #VoteLabour #Pauseandfix #UniversalCredit…

Diane Abbott (Labour) hat @UKLabour retweetet :

RT @UKLabour: 📣 If the Prime Minister is unable to negotiate an agreement that can win a majority in parliament and work for the whole coun…

RT @MarshadeCordova: The Conservatives have dismissed the UN’s conclusions on poverty in the UK as ‘politically motivated’. They have shir…

RT @lou_dawson_sd: @EmilyThornberry @AngelaRayner @HackneyAbbott Ps sorry how could I forget the legend that is @DawnButlerBrent !

Susan Elan Jones MP (Labour) hat getwittert :

Many constituents have been in touch to express their concerns that the UK Govt wants the Brexit debate to be a choice between Theresa May’s inadequate proposals and a damaging no deal Brexit. I’m currently taking part in a debate in Parliament to express those concerns now.