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Proud to serve Ashton, Droylsden & Failsworth as Labour MP. Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Women & Equalities. (E)

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RT @Mountainin2015: RT @Mountainin2015: Retweeted The Labour Party (@UKLabour): Today @AngelaRayner announces our new plan for a Childcare Taskforce, to... ht…

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RT @ElthamAlex: RT @ElthamAlex: #MayMustGo UP NOW, @AngelaRayner !!!! Fantastic. WE MUST DEMAND SPRINKLERS! #JusticeForGrenfell

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I've also demanded that @BorisJohnson recoups the taxpayers' money that a judge ruled was unlawfully given out to Tory mates. Them government is spending hundreds of thousands of £ on lawyers to cover up their illegal behaviour yet giving our kids less than £1 a day for catch up.

RT @ilyas_nagdee: RT @ilyas_nagdee: @AngelaRayner Wonderful to see you supporting Students and helping project our voices as the #HEBill makes its way throug…

RT @waynechadburn: RT @waynechadburn: I think @AngelaRayner speech at #Lab16 was excellent - spot on about early yrs & grammar schools.…

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I’m proud to have worked with @GMBunion for many years and look forward to working with the new General Secretary, activists and members to fight for a new deal for working people as we emerge from this pandemic (2/2).

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Congratulations to @garysmith and to @RehanaAzam & Giovana for offering GMB members such a great choice of candidates. I know they'll all continue to lead from the front. (1/2)

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Decisions about family holidays this summer that millions of people are waiting for leaking out through briefings to the media all day. Over 15 months into this pandemic and no point changing that approach now I guess...

RT @nigelwingrove: RT @nigelwingrove: Simon Parkinson @Coop_CollegeUK stressing vital role of community adult education at Ways Forward Conf @WEAadulted https…

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RT @nigelwingrove: Angela Raynor launching Labour city council election campaign at enthusiastic meeting in Newcastle's Heaton Community Centre today.