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Mayor of London. Chair of @C40cities. #TeamKhan #BreatheGlobal

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Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat @MikeBloomberg retweetet :

RT @MikeBloomberg: As one of his first tasks as the new Chair of @c40cities, @mayoroflondon will bring his visionary work tackling air pollution in London to the C40 network. With 1,000 cities in the #RacetoZero, cities and mayors are critical to fighting climate change.

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat getwittert :

◽ ◽◽ ◽◽ ◽◽ ◽◽ ◽ #COP26

Sadiq Khan MP (Labour) hat @CherryParker retweetet :

RT @CherryParker: RT @CherryParker: I agree with @SadiqKhan that if a social home is sold in Greenwich & Woolwich, a social home must be built here. One for …

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat getwittert :

Levelling down London is not the way to level up other parts of the country. ⬇️ My reaction to #Budget21:…

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat @PostLive retweetet :

RT @PostLive: .@MayorofLondon says, “The reality is… the only way we’re going to be successful at fighting climate change and dealing with the other twin challenge of air pollution is by cities be given the powers and funding they need to bring about meaningful change.” #PostLive

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat @PAImages retweetet :

RT @PAImages: Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn (right) visits Lina Stores in the City of London with the former Mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg (left). The pair went on to hold meetings at Bloomberg's London headquarters. 📸Stefan Rousseau - see more at

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat @guardian retweetet :

RT @guardian: RT @guardian: Sadiq Khan’s 24/7 security challenges our notions of non-racist London | Nick Cohen…

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat @Tootingdaley retweetet :

RT @Tootingdaley: RT @Tootingdaley: @ken4london now joined @SadiqKhan @rexosborn and clllrs boswell hogg and carpenter at Pay 2 play protest in battersea park

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat @CraigHackneyCub retweetet :

RT @CraigHackneyCub: Good to be on the doorstep with @Meg_HillierMP, @PennyWrout and others campaigning in the mayoral elections for @SadiqKhan and @Semakaleng

Sadiq Khan MP (Labour) hat @Tootingdaley retweetet :

RT @Tootingdaley: RT @Tootingdaley: Great reception on the doorstep in nightingale ward with @SadiqKhan this morning. Lots of strong labour support here