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I am Labour's Member of Parliament for Southampton Test.

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Alan Whitehead (Labour) hat @wdjstraw retweetet :

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: Tremendous article by @AmbroseEP on climate change & "beginning of the end for a century of fossil dominance"…

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Virtual Parliament adds barriers to scrutiny. So I've written to @KwasiKwarteng to ask questions on energy security, renewable generation and a green recovery.

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RT @BrynKewley: After 3 years of climate change geekery I’ll continue to advise @AlanWhiteheadMP in his expanded Green New Deal and Energy brief It’s a critical time for the climate and Labour’s team is looking stronger than ever

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RT @Jaimie_Ellis: One week to go. Give what you can to support your local @UKLabour candidate. I’ve been posting leaflets for @alanwhiteheadmp who has my vote. (Also getting my steps up & listening to #podcasts) #GE2019 @soton_labour

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RT @BrynKewley: Making the Big Six roll out smart meters inexorably led to confusing ads about customer behaviour change. Destined to fail. The bill savings will come, but from a smarter system with a data point in every house💡…

RT @PoliticsJOE_UK: RT @PoliticsJOE_UK: Spitting xenophobic rhymes, this is #BORISBOP

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Smart Meters: The Government is in complete denial over its ability to meet its own deadline.…

RT @alanwhiteheadmp: RT @alanwhiteheadmp: Tory backbenchers are willing “to destroy the government’s majority” over #fracking…

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On @BBCr4today this morning welcoming Labour’s Energy Price Cap. Hard pressed customers would have saved hundred by now if the Government hadn’t attacked the idea but implemented it. (Listen from 2:23:30)…

RT @adamvaughan_uk: RT @adamvaughan_uk: UK government drops fracking question from public attitude tracker…