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Labour Member of Parliament for Penistone & Stocksbridge; Rolling Stones fan, Owls fan & keen walker.

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angela smith (Labour) hat @wdjstraw retweetet :

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: NFU warn about negative impact of vote to leave. Farmers are #StrongerIn Britain:……

RT @adrianmcmenamin: Unless there is a very thorough clean up the remnants of the Corbyn era are going to be like radioactive particles. Small and unseen but poisoning the environment long into the future.

RT @francesbarber13: RT @francesbarber13: I will never ever ever forgive @jeremycorbyn for not opposing Brexit.

RT @francesbarber13: RT @francesbarber13: Anyway the old have gone. @TheIndGroup

RT @francesbarber13: As we know ⁦@UKLabour⁩ have fallen to about 350,000 ... look how many ⁦@TheIndGroup⁩ have mustered in 5 days. Pretty obvious we are all yearning for good healthy respectful grown up Political debate.

RT @francesbarber13: As the next few weeks are going to be horrendous as SWP loses its grip on @UKLabour , I’m determined only to tweet good things about the brave brilliant @TheIndGroup . And hope many more join them. Fresh start.

RT @francesbarber13: It’s very important as @JolyonMaugham has pointed out to try to be bigger. I try every day. But it’s also important not to allow bullies to cower us into a submission. As a very proud @TheIndGroup member, I have found my people once again.

RT @Lee_T_Jenkins: RT @Lee_T_Jenkins: Damn! Somebody just outbid me on eBay. Italy is now going for £14.50. (Greece is on Buy It Now)

RT @francesbarber13: RT @francesbarber13: I have marched & leafleted & spoken at meetings for @peoplesvote_uk . To have it hijacked by Lexiteer hard Brexit agit…

RT @francesbarber13: I think you’ll find it matters a great deal. My MP is Emily Thornberry & @LibDems in South Islington are on the march.…