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Rolling Stones fan, Owls fan & keen walker. MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge in a previous life. Loves reading history & great literature.

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Angela Smith (Labour) hat @matthaig1 retweetet :

RT @matthaig1: There have been presidents with mental illness. Abraham Lincoln had suicidal depression. JFK was on anxiety meds. You can be mentally ill and not a danger to democracy. Trump can’t be explained by ‘mental illness’. It is an insult to those of us who experience mental illness.

RT @francesbarber13: A young girl got shot in the head byThe Taliban for wanting an education.She inspired young girls all over the globe. She has done more for exposing misogyny & violence to women than anyone in my lifetime.She won a Nobel Prize. But Hard Left think she’s a traitor. I’m outta here.

RT @francesbarber13: RT @francesbarber13: I’m not mad about Biden. Had Michelle stood I would have been delirious. But we can’t carry on like we have done for t…

RT @francesbarber13: Corbyn & Trump in one swoop. Lets get back to the politics of good people trying to do good things. No more cults. No more abuse. No more toxicity. I feel I can breathe again. Fresh Air.

RT @francesbarber13: Watching The Great Plague. Everyone left London & it spread. They thought it was contained so returned. It came back more ferociously. Nothing is new .

RT @francesbarber13: RT @francesbarber13: This is all the Awards in the World.

angela smith (Labour) hat @waynechadburn retweetet :

RT @waynechadburn: RT @waynechadburn: As always a fantastic turnout as #Penistone remembers #WeWillRememberThem

angela smith (Labour) hat @waynechadburn retweetet :

RT @waynechadburn: RT @waynechadburn: @angelasmithmp & Mayor of #Penistone watching parade through Penistone for #ArmedForcesDay

RT @waynechadburn: RT @waynechadburn: @angelasmithmp saving up for Wembley

RT @waynechadburn: RT @waynechadburn: Over 65s most likely to vote & most likely to vote Tory - will this be the same after gideons granny tax yesterda ...