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MP for Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Brexit and Foreign Affairs.

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RT @OrkneyOysterca1: RT @OrkneyOysterca1: Out on the bike this afternoon to see if my mince pies are working properly. Thirty miles should do it. @amcarmichaelM…

RT @jonathanfryer: Delighted that @LibDems’ @amcarmichaelMP is leading a cross-Party campaign to get the Government to abide by the @CIJ_ICJ ruling on the #Chagos Islands. The way the islanders have been treated is a stain on Britain’s reputation.

RT @HazzaR1997: Sturgeon is word for word using vote leaves slogans "Independence isn't about leaving our biggest market, it's about expanding our horizons to new markets" Where o where have I heard that one before 🙄

RT @RyanLangleyLD: Great article from @amcarmichaelMP Boundary tinkering doesn't make votes fairer. Our current voting system disenfranchises people that live in safe seats. We need real change.…

Independence - by definition - means a hard border, unless the SNP and Nicola Sturegon are proposing staying within the UK single market (which carries its own complex challenges and would certainly mean giving up on EU membership). It is a peculiar kind of madness to deny it.

RT @MareeToddSNP: “Does Scotland want to be a small, independent nation, likely back in the EU but with new barriers to trade and travel with the rest of the UK; or does it wish to remain in the UK, with its own powers over some areas but subordinate to the will of the English majority on others?”…

RT @JohnnyMcD1988: This, on Scottish Tories being thrilled about Cummings’ departure, even Biden’s victory, but too cowardly to attribute their names. Alistair Carmichael nails it, though. (Herald again)

RT @Mike_Blackley: Alex Salmond’s new party will damage support for the SNP and independence because voters will be horrified at the prospect of five years of splits, division and poison, according to Willie Rennie.

RT @tomgrundy: UK's Baroness Bennett, Alistair Carmichael MP, Sarah Champion MP and a key witness Dr Darren Mann are speaking now:… @natalieben @amcarmichaelmp @SarahChampionMP

RT @PoliticsForAlI: 🚨BREAKING: Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey has called for Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick to resign over policing of Sarah Everard vigil on Clapham Common tonight