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Proud Pakistani !! Daughter of Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani. former Goodwill ambassador for women empowerment. Supporter of SMBB, Pakistan Peoples Party

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RT @DennisCricket_: RT @DennisCricket_: I've travelled to over 60 countries. Pakistan was one of the safest

RT @Shehzad89: RT @Shehzad89: One dollar is now 169 Pakistani rupees. No wonder overseas Pakistanis love PTI.

RT @gillanihouse_MC: Mr. William K. Makaneole @USCGLahore called upon Former PM of 🇵🇰 & the Leader of the Opp in Senate, Syed Yusuf Raza Gillani at his residence. They discussed political situation & matters of mutual interest. Former MNA’s Abdul Qadir Gillani & @SyedMusaGillani were also present.

RT @rana_Yaqub5: Mr. William K. Makaneole @uscglahore, called upon the former Prime Minister of 🇵🇰 Syed Yusuf Raza Gillani at his residence in Lahore. They discussed the political situation in the region. Former MNA’s Abdul Qadir Gillani and @SyedMusaGillani were also present during the meeting.

RT @SeharTarar: PTI is not able to get hold of @YusufRazaGilan1 or his sons,PTI is forgetting that YRG is highly respected leader even among his opponents n his sons have always acted according to what they read by having their hand on pulse of the people.They are the ppl, grassroot politicians

RT @alikeskin_tr: Indian Prime Minister @narendramodi said the Indian army did not fire a single bullet in Kashmir. Can you explain these images? What do you want from the Kashmiri people? #15AugustBlackDay

RT @alikeskin_tr: RT @alikeskin_tr: Your name is Muhammed, But you could not be a person worthy of ummah of Muhammed, you let them down.…

RT @AnayaNKhan: You don’t get to wash this off your hands today. You boasted about taking a sick man’s AC away. You knew he was sick this entire time and yet you kept making his life more difficult. You and your backers drove a former Prime Minister to this point. May this return to you.…

RT @MrsSaeedGhani1: RT @MrsSaeedGhani1: فرقے کی قيد ميں لازم نہيں عشق حسين ، مجھ ميں غم حسين ھيں شيعہ ہوئے بغير!