Alle gelöschten Tweets von Politikern

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RT @M_AliBugti: In other countries girls in such age go to schools but in #Balochistan they are deprived from every rights, they constantly faces heinous crimes of #Pakistan’s forces or struggle all their lives protesting on the streets looking for their disappeared fathers. #SanctionPakistan

RT @Sami001Haq: Announcements in various mosques are being made - invoking God's wrath upon the regime of the voting-fraud. Some citizens are reciting Azan on their roofs to get some relief from this bogus regime as they think the regime is the punishment of God upon them.

RT @MBaloch143: "This report from Liaquat National Hospital clarified that the two children in Hoshab, #Balochistan were killed due to mortar fire. The authorities who had earlier published a fake report must be held accountable" @LiaquatShahwani @jam_kamal @Senator_Baloch @MeerLangau @a_siab

RT @FarooqKochi10: حق پرستوں کی صفوں میں اسماء جہانگیر، اور اسماءشیرازی @asmashirazi جیسی بہادر خواتین بہت کم دیکھنے کو ملی ہیں۔ #IStandWithAsmaShirazi

RT @SalehaSoadat: RT @SalehaSoadat: ۲۳ روز است دختران به مکتب نرفته اند.

RT @aimalnasar: Today at Loralai Jalsa in the Presidency of National Democratic Movement. Inshallah we will stand tall and always address public issues @NationalDemMovt @mjdawar @HaroonBazi @asfand_ndm @NadeemAskar_ @a_siab @a_baitanai @muzamil_roshan @BushraGohar @JamilaGillani

RT @ihussainzad: RT @ihussainzad: @a_siab د ګلو قدر چا زده ېا د بلبل یا د بورا زده خوشحال خان علیه رحمه

RT @AhmadullahA: Former Afghan President @KarzaiH links international recognition of the #Taliban with the internal legitimacy, which is says is only achieved through a loya jirga.…

RT @Sami001Haq: English Translation, announcement on a speaker: "My dear brothers, sisters, and mothers, please invoke God's wrath upon Imran Khan, his government, & his well-wishers. He destroyed us, may He destroy him!" Just tweeted to show how much sufferings they have endured.