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Director (South & Central Asia) Hudson Institute. Pakistan ambassador to US 2008-2011. Author of 'Pakistan Between Mosque & Military' & 'Magnificent Delusions'

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Husain Haqqani (pakistan) hat @MBaloch143 retweetet :

RT @MBaloch143: "This report from Liaquat National Hospital clarified that the two children in Hoshab, #Balochistan were killed due to mortar fire. The authorities who had earlier published a fake report must be held accountable" @LiaquatShahwani @jam_kamal @Senator_Baloch @MeerLangau @a_siab

RT @geonews_urdu: RT @geonews_urdu: پاکستان دنیا کا چوتھا مہنگا ترین ملک بن گیا

RT @husainhaqqani: After ending his public service in 2009 on a high note, @US4AfghanPeace returned to the fray in 2018 only to sully his reputation by negotiating a bad deal with #Taliban and failing to anticipate or recognize the debacle it set in motion. Good luck to him for the future.

Husain Haqqani (pakistan) hat @OhTripe retweetet :

RT @OhTripe: RT @OhTripe: I thought TLP will come into play by December, but oh well, might as well be now.

RT @Joyce_Karam: Tom West the new US envoy to #Afghanistan was undermined by Khalilzad and left out of some Doha meetings with Taliban. West is a Biden insider who now inherits a weakened US hand in Kabul & flawed negotiating strategy with Taliban…

RT @husainhaqqani: A pyrrhic victory in Afghanistan, mounting economic problems, stress in civil-military relations, an out of touch media narrative, and reluctance of major powers to oblige Islamabad. Pakistan faces a crisis, again. Time to break the cycle of crises & boldly Reimagine Pakistan.

Husain Haqqani (pakistan) hat @Khalid_Munir geantwortet :

@Khalid_Munir Woh tau stage par charh gaye thay. Phir unhein kehna parra keh ‘munasib nahin hai.’ ◽◽‍♂️

Husain Haqqani (pakistan) hat @mnawazjafri geantwortet :

@mnawazjafri @Khalid_Munir Removed in 1993 by GIK.

Husain Haqqani (pakistan) hat @Khalid_Munir geantwortet :

@Khalid_Munir Which one? (Itnay guzray hain keh yaad nahin rehta!)