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Member of provincial Assembly Sindh /MINISTER Irrigation Government sindh , PPP (Trust in God and Lover of my beloved Pakistan ) .

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jam khan shoro (pakistan) hat getwittert :

@irsa In which conditions cj link canal was used to operate in 1974 , letter of then CM punjab is self explanatory,pl close CJ & TP link canal, implement water accord 1991 #sindhneedswater

RT @sindhu_laghari: RT @sindhu_laghari: میرے والد یوسف لغاری اور بی بی اباوڑو میں کالاباغ ڈیم کے خلاف دھرنے میں August 1998 #NoDamOnIndusRiver…

RT @FaraQureshi: First #China to #UK train arrives in London loaded with milions of SOCKS Service completed its 7,500-mile journey at Barking’s rail freight

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@HeerSoho @BBhuttoZardari @AajizDhamrah very Dad, he was asset of party, RIP

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@hmc_hyderabad @fuad_soomro @AltafSario Historical Advani lane

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RT @MrImamBux: RT @MrImamBux: سوئي راھ رد ڪري، سوئي رھنماء، وتعز من تشاءُ، وتزل من تشاءُ.

jam khan shoro (pakistan) hat @buriroGM retweetet :

RT @buriroGM: #AJKElections 2021 LA-40 Vally 1: Total Votes: 43 Cast : 26 Zahid Iqbal Khan #PPP : 24 #PTI : 02 1 Polling station GBPS Hali road Latifabad Hyderabad. #VoteSirfTeerKa @BBhuttoZardari @jamkhanshoro 👍🎉

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RT @OsimBarcha: RT @OsimBarcha: Travled frm Daewoo terminal to Korangi using Uni road, Johar, Shahrah Faisal Causeway & Korangi road. Found them dry at 2 p…