Alle gelöschten Tweets von Politikern

MP for Glasgow Central, SNP Shadow Chancellor. RTs not necessarily endorsements! Professional level curtseying, apparently.

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RT @Cheryl62787298: Thank you @alisonthewliss for trying to get a honest answer from this man. 6 months I have been denied any financial help from this man @RishiSunak #ExcludedUK are here till you help us. Please listen to my video again #wearenotgoingaway

RT @MotherwellFC: "Everyone's tired of taking the knee." Our players discuss being spat on, avoiding the shops and how racist abuse has become normal for them.

RT @TxMBRS: @alisonthewliss supports #ExcludedUK because it's the right thing to do. She's #relentless, Mr. @RishiSunak. She sees the damage being done to three million taxpayers' lives. She speaks up. What have you done in the last seven months except tell us what you've done for others?

RT @matthaig1: RT @matthaig1: 'Why are you keeping me?' 'It says here you visited Iran in 2014.' 'I did.' 'Why?' 'I was prime minister of Norway.' https:/…

RT @SimonNeville: I'm really struggling to understand why the Chancellor hasn't announced he's extending business rates holiday beyond April in this statement. Seems inevitable. Why hold off?

RT @SovereignAnnie: RT @SovereignAnnie: I have news for our "Christian" PM. Jesus doesn't mention chocolate eggs. He does instruct us to help the poor and vuln…

RT @SovereignAnnie: RT @SovereignAnnie: @Southsidegrrrl @alisonthewliss And what about local businesses? Where are they supposed to bank their takings?

RT @CommonsTreasury: ⏳One hour to go until our evidence session on the economic impact of #coronavirus. We'll hear from: ➡️Helen Dickinson @the_brc ➡️@UKHospKate ➡️Mark Tanzer @ABTAtravel 📺Watch it live at 15:30 here👇

RT @suzanne_moore: RT @suzanne_moore: Mhairi Black is right – Westminster politics is defunct | Suzanne Moore…

RT @antoni_UK: RT @antoni_UK: The German Govt's latest Corona advert - now subtitled in English. Quite good.