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Lab & Coop MP for Leeds NW | | Shadow Minister for Tourism & Heritage | Husband | Father | Jew 💙

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Alex Sobel 🟣 (UKMPs) hat getwittert :

Trains are greener and can take you to Cornwall from London!

Alex Sobel 🟣 (UKMPs) hat getwittert :

I mean an example would be free school meals which Alex voted against last September. Maybe he’s just against spending money on alleviating poverty anywhere?

Alex Sobel (UKMPs) hat @xrosiemckennax retweetet :

RT @xrosiemckennax: I’m very grateful to @TheEricaRamos, former National Union of Students Vice President and International Rep on the NUS NEC, for her endorsement to be the next @YoungLabourUK International Rep! See why Erica thinks you should #MakeItMcKenna here! Plain text in thread (1/3)

RT @WoyHattersly: With Eurovision BDS discourse in full swing I'm reminded of @stevelapsl's excellent conference speech. If you stand against one murderous regime, you have to stand against them all, atomised internationalism is by definition not internationalism…

RT @kimleadbeater: Great to visit Dixxi Express today in #Batley with @iamaafaq to support the @IMWS1 fundraiser for Palestine - and grab lunch!

Alex Sobel 🟣 (UKMPs) hat @alexsobel retweetet :

RT @alexsobel: Jointly with @Afzal4Gorton we have written why we can’t let conflict in Israel and Palestine bring divisions between the Muslim and Jewish community here We must stand together as communities for peace, justice and reconciliation in Israel and Palestine…

RT @tessfrancesc: Most of all, the STV success at the Labour NEC earlier this week shows that if you want to be at the forefront of shaping the Labour Party from within as a member, in a way which seeks to be fair, inclusive and unifying, then you gotta join @OpenLabour.

RT @tessfrancesc: I'm not sure why people are talking about OL doing joint slates for the NEC elections - within the very tight election schedule, we want individuals running to come forward for when we ballot our members. Members will decide who the two official Open Labour candidates are.

RT @maliharez: Proud of @JermainJackman for making it on to the NEC ballot. I can’t wait to cast my vote for this legend who hits some top high notes 🙏🏽

Alex Sobel (UKMPs) hat @elliemaeohagan retweetet :

RT @elliemaeohagan: US campaigns have done a lot of research into how to talk about voter suppression. Big advice is stop talking about how rare voter fraud is. All people hear when you do that is "voter fraud is happening." Evoking a frame even in order to refute it makes it stronger. (1/2)