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James Moore (unknown) hat @AGMacDougall retweetet :

RT @AGMacDougall: Liberal Twitter when a Tory candidate used the word “fag” once on Facebook 9 years ago while *in* high school: RESIGN! L…

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RT @MeghanMcCain: He did this shit in 2001?!?…

James Moore (unknown) hat getwittert :

Would’ve been nice to know this when I was Canadian Heritage Minister & he was the Canadian Heritage Critic for the NDP Official Oppoaition. QP would’ve been more fun. Next time.

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Scott Brison also drives buses? It never ends with him.

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James Moore (unknown) hat @netflix retweetet :

RT @netflix: Jesse Pinkman's life has been anything but enchanted...

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RT @wef: Vegan diets are adding to malnutrition in wealthy countries #veganism #vegans

James Moore (unknown) hat @Lawsome_ retweetet :

RT @Lawsome_: I agree with you Minister. Hopefully your LPC team can stop calling my husband a racist . Let's bring some civility back t…

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RT @Sid_Seixeiro: When 23 Grand Slams walks into the room and you don’t give a damn.