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Leader @WEP_UK. Feminism is better for everyone. Yes, I am a social justice warrior: Bring on #GE2017

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RT @tinagwee: RT @tinagwee: @CarlyJayneJones @catherine_mayer @SophieRunning @WEP_UK @guardian if there is 1 seat that every other party should stand asi…

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The police. They let you down, then they let you down again, & again. I keep thinking of the time I was told to 'calm down' when my stalker slipped his bail & no-one knew where he was. Minimise women's fear, maximise victim blaming - that's the strategy…

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@christapeterso I think your answer is either disingenuous, in bad faith or a misunderstanding. Just in case it's the latter: This is about a case that established kids can make that decision without their parents, and specifically relates to a young woman who changed her mind.

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RT @SarahRonan_: Delighted to see that 'my bible' is out in paperback today. Congrats @SophieRunning 🎉 Sophie spoke at PTS Live 2 years ago & her words about the role we all play in creating change brought the room to a standstill. Those words are now here in this book & you should all read it

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@CChinneide Because that’s the group of kids who need help.

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RT @scarcurtis: This is our petition to get FGM included in the Children Act - if you sign I will love you forever (promise) #endfgm #stopchope…

RT @PoliticsForAlI: RT @PoliticsForAlI: ◽ | NEW: No black MP has been selected to speak in Parliament today on the debate about racist online abuse

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Afghan women’s education, reproductive rights, workplace rights and the right to live free from violence = colonialist mindset. Don’t even get me started on the ‘cisgendered.’ Twitter is truly excelling itself today.

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RT @albertweet: RT @albertweet: Healthy debate on abortion among feminists. Huge respect for this conference being able to hear pro-choice and pro-life vie…