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Wai Young

Mayoral candidate for the City of Vancouver 2018. Former Member of Parliament for Vancouver South.

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Wai Young (unknown) hat @MikeKlassen retweetet :

RT @MikeKlassen: Thank you @BCRCMP and #IHIT for your amazing work on this investigation. Those of us who live and work in the nearby commu…

Wai Young (unknown) hat @CBCAlerts retweetet :

RT @CBCAlerts: Buying the jets will cost $1.09 billion, not $895 million as projected, Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux: 'The total…

Wai Young (unknown) hat @MPBentley retweetet :

RT @MPBentley: @MaximeBernier Who brought in the law to reduce government influence of the prosecutor office? Your former associates at the…

Wai Young (unknown) hat getwittert :

Nope. Wrong. Is it because we all look alike to you? However, common sense is not “ideology”. Why build directly across from schools rather than any of the other 3 streets? It’s a huge lot, maybe put play space is more useful/appropriate? #VanPoli

Wai Young (unknown) hat getwittert :

Ummm, maybe they knew that?

Wai Young (unknown) hat getwittert :

So much for allowing @Puglaas to speak. Another PMO slight of hand to fake transparency when reality is no time to ask/answer “as many questions and stay as long as the committee desires”. Another reason a Public Inquiry is needed. Canadians need answers.#cdnpoli

Wai Young (unknown) hat getwittert :

Was Brison also meddling with Government contracts to benefit his favorite company? Eerily similar and how opportune to use one scandal to cover for another. A public inquiry is needed to find all the bread crumb trails from this PMO. #cdnpoli

Wai Young (unknown) hat getwittert :

Unreal. Canadians can finally seeing that this PM’s sunny “transparency” is just another empty promise? This whole mess smells and a public inquiry is neededWhatis he hiding?

Wai Young, MP (unknown) hat @joeoliver1 retweetet :

RT @joeoliver1: Pleased to attend launch of Canada's RMB hub. 1st in Americas. Will boost Cdn business + increase trade w China…

Wai Young (unknown) hat @lraitt retweetet :

RT @lraitt: When I was named Shadow Minister for Justice last year, @Puglaas reached out and offered assistance for me to be briefed on any…