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Helen Mary Jones (wales) hat @mathtalfan retweetet :

RT @mathtalfan: Desperately looking for ‘Stitch’ - grey speckled border collie who ran away from our house about an hour ago - #Penylan #Ro…

Helen Mary Jones (wales) hat @ApMorden retweetet :

RT @ApMorden: Fantastic result for @CarmSchOfArt ranking 1st in UK for Fashion & Textiles and 8th for Art in The Guardian University rankin…

Mandy Jones AM (wales) hat @LlyrPowell retweetet :

RT @LlyrPowell: Delaying Brexit would be damaging for all: 💸 Billions more money sent to the EU 🤷‍♀️ More uncertainty, piling up costs on…

Delyth Jewell AC/AM (wales) hat getwittert :

Wales would NOT be getting what it voted for, not with this deal, not with any form of Brexit. No one voted to lose their rights, to be poorer, to endanger the NHS. We need a #PeoplesVote so that everyone can have a final say. Now that we know the facts.

Delyth Jewell AC/AM (wales) hat getwittert :

Johnson says that "Brexit has distracted politicians from their own ambitions". OH, THE IRONY 🤦🏼‍♀️

Helen Mary Jones (wales) hat @aarwynne geantwortet :

@aarwynne @LisaGoodier @Plaid_Cymru Congratulations Loss!

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: Why is the Government so wet?…

RT @LesbianScythian: Does anyone live in NYC that would want to find a lesbian artist and start a gofund me to get Stormé properly recogniz…

Mandy Jones AM (wales) hat @LlyrPowell retweetet :

RT @LlyrPowell: Given these Remain supporters won't honour the 2016 result, how can we believe they'd honour the result of the second one t…