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#MdB für #Berlin-#Reinickendorf & Präsident der @fuechseberlin @fuechseberlinev


SPD-Bundestagsabgeordnete für den Wahlkreis 204 Montabaur, unterwegs den Wahlkreis in Berlin zu vertreten.

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RT @OSW_eng: #Berlin presents itself as the #EU’s leader in the area of consolidating #NATO’s eastern flank and developing, with #France, ‘strategic autonomy’ of the EU in security and defence policy. OSW Analysis:

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RT @hdevreij: Deployment of Iskander missiles in the Kaliningrad exclave confirmed on Friday by Interfax. Berlin, Warsaw etc. within their reach. NATO has no comparable systems deployed in Europe. I'd say: time to do so. Equilibrium promotes stability.…

RT @SlawomirDebski: Since 2014 the message the Central Europe has heard most often from Berlin is NEIN. The list of cases is long: the Normandy Format, #NS2, V4, 16+1, #TSI. With one exception: Enhancing NATO Eastern Flank. This passive attitude is striking.…

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Whow, Whow, whow and a MUST visit venue in Berlin, chapeau! via @dwnews

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RT @JeremyCliffe: RT @JeremyCliffe: Britain may struggle to persuade EU27 to prolong/pause the Article 50 process. Berlin et al have internalised Brexit & wa…

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RT @IvoHDaalder: Important thread. FWIW, I heard much the same in my convos in Berlin following Merkel's White House visit last March.…

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THE thread to read before the symbolic @Elysee meeting #Bundeskanzlerin in Berlin! #EUrope #BerlinParisEngine…

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RT @hdevreij: RT @hdevreij: BND archivist sold details on 18 Russian intelligence officers in Berlin and Vienna to the CIA. Covers blown…