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Bill Etheridge (EU) hat @philbo62 retweetet :

RT @philbo62: Now the idiot policy to vilify diesel engines is causing the loss of thousands of jobs in this country isn't it time that our stupid politicians reined back on on their obsession with green technology & started pumping money into making carbon fuels cleaner?

Seb Dance MEP (EU) hat @KeohaneDan retweetet :

RT @KeohaneDan: RT @KeohaneDan: Is this because of diesel?…

Margot Parker MEP (EU) hat @MarcherLord1 retweetet :

RT @MarcherLord1: It's diesel - why build it if nobody's going to buy it? Meanwhile, Toyota will build the new petrol engined Corolla in Derby - despite #Brexit.…

Bill Etheridge (EU) hat @Roger_Da_Costa retweetet :

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: 90% of Jaguar's vehicles are diesel powered. EU environmental legislation have put paid to that so, until Jaguar re-structures to hybrids, they'll have to lay off employees. Instead of blaming EU regulation for the job losses, Remainers and MSM are blaming Brexit. @LBC

Dr Julia Reid MEP (EU) hat @MarcherLord1 retweetet :

RT @MarcherLord1: 2008 - $145 barrel of oil Diesel per litre £1.19 2018 - $59 barrel of oil Diesel £1.34 per litre The govt are openly laughing at us. #GiletJaune

Karima Delli (EU) hat @euroecolos retweetet :

RT @euroecolos: Dans notre #newsletter #CO2 des #voitures Visas dorés #Industrie chimique #Diesel au #travail #Croissance et #climat #Pollution #plastique #Prix Sakharov #sakharovprize Accords commerciaux Agenda ➡️ La lire => ➡️ S'abonner =>

Eric Andrieu (EU) hat @EricAndrieuEU retweetet :

RT @EricAndrieuEU: #Tests effectués sur des humains et des #singes par les constructeurs de véhicules diesel: Nous demandons à la @EU_Commission une enquête approfondie sur ces pratiques inacceptables qui vont à l'encontre des droits fondamentaux! Réponse lundi 5 février à Strasbourg. #Volkswagen

Roger Helmer (EU) hat @votefishfinger retweetet :

RT @votefishfinger: RT @votefishfinger: First they tell you to buy and now they want to ban #diesel Conservative should be about smaller government not more go…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) hat getwittert :

Brussels corporatism kills. Literally. The EU's promotion of diesel led to thousands of deaths.…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) hat @NoelLock2 geantwortet :

@NoelLock2 Thanks: hope you enjoy the diesel chapter. Was in Marlborough Sunday for daughter's confirmation: she's in Shell.