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@Bethammer1 Nope. Never support any sell out. Boris plan is a life boat to get OUT of the EU which I have always fought g for! I’m Brexit Conservative for Romford!

Marsha de Cordova (UKMPs) hat getwittert :

Shameless rhetoric from Boris Johnson. EU citizens contribute hugely to our NHS & public services - this is their country too & will continue to be. I will always for their rights. #GE2019

Chris Ruane (UKMPs) hat getwittert :

The EU & Welsh Labour investment has seen hundeds of highly skilled jobs created in St. Asaph, home to one of the biggest clusters of opto-electronic clusters in the world! #VoteChrisRuane for an MP who will continue to be a champion of inward investment into our industries.

Chuka Umunna (Labour) hat getwittert :

Chancellor Saiid Javid on @BBCr4today is having a laugh! The Tories want a Canadian style EU trade deal which took 10years to negotiate-only a fantasist would think it possible to do that in 11months.We start from a position of convergence BUT the purpose of Brexit is to diverge

Dr Liam Fox (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Let’s respect the people’s vote that was the EU referendum in June 2016 #OneMinuteFox #GetBrexitGone #GE2019 @Conservatives

@DrywJones @Selfelin Wir? Holloch swyddogion prawf am eu llwyth gwaith.

Liz Saville Roberts (plaid-cymru) hat getwittert :
Ben Lake (UKMPs) hat getwittert :

"The question of whether the UK will remain aligned to the EU or not in terms of standards will loom large in the coming months, and the answer will largely determine the prospects of Wales’ food and drink exports for a generation."…

@Smiffysmifston There is no need for a deal in BW. Three front-runner candidates are solidly pro-remain, pro-EU and campaigning for public vote. And there is presumably a Tory but we don't know who that is yet and they not campaigning. But there was no need for this

Shame BBC didn't point out that this stat was for a UK in the EU. Hope they pointed out that 62% of Scots voted remain. Or more Scots voted for independence than Brexit @BBCNews ??