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Zac Goldsmith (Conservative) hat @NickBoles geantwortet :

@NickBoles @GregHands Hi Nick. If a majority of MPs back this Bill - handing effective control of our EU exit timetable to the EU - are we supposed to believe they would subsequently exercise ‘subsection 3’ ?? This isn’t about creating a thoughtful delay; it is about stopping Brexit.

UK Cannabis News (unknown) hat getwittert :

Namaste signs UK and EU CBD supply agreement with BlueSky Biologicals Inc. #ukcann #eurcann #cbd…

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat getwittert :

We’ll be providing free advice for EU citizens and celebrating their incredible contribution to our city with a free day of music, language, stories, and food. Join us at City Hall on 21st September: #LondonIsOpen…

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat getwittert :

Throughout the entire #Brexit process, I've been clear that London's one million EU citizens deserve clarity about their future. We're working with community groups and businesses to get free immigration advice and support to EU Londoners. #LondonisOpen…

London Lib Dems (LibDems) hat getwittert :

“I joined the @LibDems, like so many new members, on the morning of the EU referendum result” - Mayoral Candidate @SiobhanBenita at #LDConf rally

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat getwittert :

To make sure EU citizens & their families have the information they need about living in London after Brexit we’ve created the EU Londoners Hub - containing free, & regularly updated guidance on what this means for you. Sign up here for more: #LondonIsOpen…

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat getwittert :

London's one million EU citizens are our friends, our neighbours & our colleagues. They are welcome here - and whatever the outcome of Brexit - that will never change. #LondonIsOpen

Sadiq Khan (Labour) hat getwittert :

The Government has simply failed to negotiate with the EU in the national interest – it’s increasingly clear that the British people should get the final say on Brexit. Retweet if you agree.…

Sophie Walker (unknown) hat getwittert :

Women will be the hardest hit by Brexit - no wonder they want to stay in the EU. See you at conference for the vote, @WEP_UK members… via @MetroUK

Britain First (unknown) hat getwittert :

Pro-EU remainer Theresa May has sold us down the river! We say: No divorce bill, no legal oversight, no transition period! #BrexitDeal