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Dr Liam Fox (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Let’s respect the people’s vote that was the EU referendum in June 2016 #OneMinuteFox #GetBrexitGone #GE2019 @Conservatives

Jamie Greene MSP (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Our message at this election is simple: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿No second independence referendum 🇪🇺No second EU referendum Let's end the division and let Scotland move on. #AllOutPolitics #GE2019

9 days to Brexit. We are dedicated to protecting workers' rights. Passing the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill will ensure the highest standards are enshrined in UK law. 👇

Nadine Dorries (Conservative) hat getwittert :

EU leaders are making it very clear; no extension. If the WA doesn’t get voted through next week, Remainers who are trying to thwart Brexit are actually pushing us through the door marked ‘no deal.’

Rehman Chishti (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Early start to the day just at the train station heading into @HouseofCommons to vote on the EU Brexit motion/Act. Great to meet my constituents Paula and Sue also catching the train. Their view we need to get Brexit done. I will be voting with PM @BorisJohnson to do just that.

Adam Afriyie (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Unbelievable. Remainer MPs spent years demanding a vote on the EU deal, legislated to force MPs back into Parliament today, then refused to have the vote today! I think we know their real agenda is to stop Brexit & silence the #peoplesvote of 2016 @Conservatives #GetBrexitGone

Alex Burnett MSP (Conservative) hat getwittert :

SNP: "Bridge between EU and Scotland? No problem" Also SNP: "Build bridge between 2 North East Communities? No thanks" 🙄🤔🤦‍♂️…

14 days to Brexit A deal is in the interest of both the UK and the EU. Let's get Brexit done.

In the event of no agreement with the #EU, #HMG have just published the No-Deal Readiness Report. 155 pages summarising 3 years’ work including over 600 items of legislation passed over the last 18 months or so in the event of No Deal.

Andrew Scheer (Conservative) hat getwittert :

Samedi, j’ai eu l’honneur de me joindre à la communauté bouddhiste de Bethany pour l’ouverture d’un nouveau temple. Merci de votre accueil chaleureux en cette journée si importante.