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Foreign Minister of Islamic Republic of Iran


President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

George Galloway (unknown) hat @sahouraxo retweetet :

RT @sahouraxo: This is Qassem Soleimani’s funeral procession in Tehran, #Iran today. The US government said no one in Iran will shed any tears for the death of #Soleimani... But these millions of Iranians flocking to the streets to honor and mourn him prove otherwise.

RT @Partisangirl: RT @Partisangirl: “Israel wants the US to attack #Iran for them” - Head of Mossad

RT @Breaking911: IRAN THREATENS DUBAI & ISRAEL: The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said in its Telegram channel that, in the event Iranian soil is bombed, it will target the cities of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Haifa, Israel, in the third wave of operations.

RT @adamgarriereal: @georgegalloway @bobjustice10 @Satiresocialist Reagan: I can't remember if I sold weapons to Iran to fund the Contras Clinton: That depends on what the meaning of "is" is Blair: I can't remember where I was when George Bush told me that invading Iraq was legal Trudeau: I can't remember how many times I blacked up

RT @EvaKBartlett: RT @EvaKBartlett: Shut this account down; guy is continually calling for genocide of Iran. Throw him in prison.

RT @SputnikNewsUS: RT @SputnikNewsUS: #Russia warns against using oil tanker incident to lay blame on #Iran, escalate tensions https:/…

RT @SputnikNewsUS: RT @SputnikNewsUS: Iranian Supreme Leader's aide promises US 'second Vietnam' in #Syria #Iran…

RT @SputnikNewsUS: RT @SputnikNewsUS: US coalition against #Iran is doomed to fail — analysts

RT @KendrahWithAnH: Iran is currently bombing 2 US bases in Iraq. US troops will die. Norwegian & Danish troops will die. Make no mistake, their lives are the price Trump is willing to pay just to distract us from impeachment & get re-elected. #IranAttacks #WagTheDogWar #WWIII

RT @markhughesfilms: Reports say Iran is firing dozens of missiles into Iraq, hitting U.S. forces at Al Asad Airbase. Early reports say 20 U.S. troops have died, amid 60+ missile strikes so far. If true, then we are at the precipice of another horrible war in the Middle East.