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Hans Jansen (EU) hat @wagensveld1968 retweetet :

RT @wagensveld1968: In #Berlijn worden bij #BlackLivesMatter demonstratie stenen en flessen richting #politie gegooid, eender als in #Hamburg zien we hoe gewelddadig deze combinatie #BLM en #Antifa is. Daarom hebben Burgemeesters in NL lef niet, te handhaven of beperken!

Ali Esbati (sweden) hat @TruthsOverTrump retweetet :

RT @TruthsOverTrump: Right-wing extremists in Seattle drove a car into a crowd of #BlackLivesMatter protesters on a closed portion of Interstate 5. Two women were struck, one with life-threatening injuries. They flew into the air before landing on the ground. #FreshTopics

Tom Watson (Labour) hat @PRSforMusic retweetet :

RT @PRSforMusic: We continue to share our members’ words in support of #BlackLivesMatter and are united with them in calling out racism. Thank you @tawiahmusic for sharing yours. Visit for anti-racism resources and other ways you can help.

RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: The truth is that #BlackLivesMatter doesn't care about any other lives. It is steeped in racism and should be outlawed.

RT @BellRibeiroAddy: #BlackLivesMatter isn’t just a moment, it’s a movement. It was a pleasure to speak at @BLMWandsworth recently. It's clear that if we want to see real change, it's going to take sustained pressure from below.

Chris Williamson #GTTO (unknown) hat getwittert :

#BlackLivesMatter in the US had funding pulled for expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people. Now the so-called 'Campaign Against Antisemitism' has criticised BLM in the UK for doing the same. These attacks on solidarity is sinister and must be resisted.

RT @georgegalloway: LIFE AND DEATH | Black people have been suffering for 400 years, can't you give them four weeks!? #BlackLivesMatter #MOATS. LYNCHING @georgegalloway | @MoatsTV | @RT_com | @SputnikInt

RT @tomsperlinger: .⁦@realDonaldTrump #BlackLivesMatter #BristolTakeTheKnee Bristol stands against racism & will continue its work to eliminate it from our city. Brick by painful brick. ✊️ Thank you @MarvinJRees & @CllrAsherCraig for your leadership

RT @Martinbosma_pvv: Na de presidenten, ontdekkingsreizigers, schrijvers zijn nu beelden van Jezus aan de beurt. Grappig. BlackLivesMatter wordt gesteund door oa ⁦@Stedelijk⁩ Museum Amsterdam en de ⁦@KB_Nederland⁩.…