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Piet Rietman (onbekend) hat @AntoonKanis geantwortet :

@AntoonKanis Ik zeg nergens dat de BTW-verhoging denivellerend is. Het effect van duurderde boodschappen op je best……

Piet Rietman (onbekend) hat @PietRietman geantwortet :

Maar cijferrommelaar Roemer is aan de bal. En dan Klaver: eerst voor CO2-opslag, nu ineens tegen. Eerst voor hogere BTW, nu ineens tegen.

RT @edhusicMP: Better late, than never: #aphbasketball tips off for 2017 - w/2 new players, welcome @christianajack + Rob (btw nex…

Ed Husic (australian-labor-party) hat getwittert :

This via @leopinion (who has best Twitter profile pic btw):…

@BKArturo @FinancialReview Btw. I have form. It's been recognized by @srpeatling

Ed Husic (australian-labor-party) hat getwittert :

Have to say re @Imresal columns: always a good read. Just a balanced take #respect (btw this doesn't apply 4 future columns I don't like 😜)

Ed Husic (australian-labor-party) hat getwittert :

Retribution is swift and unforgiving @TimHammond1 @G_Parker - let this be the only lesson (btw #aphbasketball tomor……

Ed Husic (australian-labor-party) hat getwittert :

Btw the "latest" news on #Badgerys reflects how badly Turnbull has managed this project (1/3)

btw @alantsen it's 1 helluva def'n of "reasonable balance" when other sub's say 99% small biz locked out of equity crwdfundg! @SmallTimeVC

Btw @emeraldxmoon did you note the hat tip to your crew? Ping @workmanalice