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Sam van Rooy 💛 (belgium) hat getwittert :

Wie er ook aan de macht is in dit land: zolang we ons ondergeschikt blijven maken aan de EU en de Conventie van Genève, zullen asielzoekers en illegalen blijven toestromen. #waanzin 👇🏻

RT @Ratalinboy: @WingsScotland England wanted out of the EU for costing them less

RT @Michael_Taylor_: @Mike_Fabricant, it's absurd that #StrongerIn say LGBT rights threatened if we #Brexit, when 16/28 EU countries don't…

RT @Michael_Taylor_: After 423,529 votes the Telegraph's online poll on the EU Referendum: 72% LEAVE 28% REMAIN #VoteLeave #Brexit #EUref…

Javad Zarif (iran) hat getwittert :

To my EU/E3 Colleagues 1."Fully upheld commitments under JCPOA" YOU? Really? Just show ONE that you've upheld in the last 18 months 2.Iran triggered-& exhausted-dispute resolution mechanism while you were procrastinating We're now using para36 remedies Look at my 6/11/18 letter

Chris Alexander (unknown) hat @ne0liberal retweetet :

RT @ne0liberal: Today in horseshoe theory: A list of all parties in the EU parliament who voted against a resolution addressing foreign ele…

Carmen Leyte (spain) hat @SerxioMariaNNXX retweetet :

RT @SerxioMariaNNXX: "Son deputado por Ourense e eu veño dunha familia de Galeguista e orixe cristiá, eu nunca o oculto". #Galeguistas ht…

RT @AndyMcCambridge: @Mike_Fabricant Luxembourg is by far the biggest net recipient of Eu funding per capita, around six times more than th…

Johannes Hahn (unknown) hat getwittert :

Useful and constructive exchanges with #EU #ForeignMinisters at the margins of today’s #FAC.

RT @AnnaJerzewska: EU-Singapore FTA is finally entering into force. On the 21 Nov Those who followed the negotiations and ratification pr…