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RT @annaturley: The holocaust didn’t happen in a vacuum. It happened because ordinary people turned a blind eye to racism & antisemitism; scapegoated & dehumanised a community, stifled free thinking & refused to challenge the cult of an idol. Jewish people know how it starts. #hodgecomparison

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RT @b_judah: This is Mireille Knoll, z"l She was 85 years old, a Grandmother and a Holocaust survivor. On Friday she was stabbed 11 times and burnt to death in her flat in Paris. For being a Jew.

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RT @a_nnaschneider: Mitgründer von Extinction Rebellion, Roger Hallam, nennt Holocaust "weiteren Scheiß". Er betrachtet Genozide historisch als "ein fast normales Ereignis". Wäre unter Umständen an der Zeit für den Rest von Extinction Rebellion, sich zu distanzieren.…

@JJensen22324640 @MartinN21384684 @espersendf Den anonyme trold og Holocaust- benægtet “Jensen”... ◽◽

RT @IsraelinIndia: Join us for the special screening of the epic documentary on #Holocaust. It took 11 years to complete & is one of the most powerful films ever made. We invite you all for the screening on Monday, entry is free. 🎞️📽️🎟️ More details here👉 #ThursdayThoughts

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RT @AJCTAI: Dear @ClaraPonsati, amid a debate on antisemitism in the @Europarl_EN, you chose to trivialize the Holocaust and instrumentalize the genocide of six million Jews to advance a completely unrelated political agenda. Please retract this unacceptable remark.…

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Humbled to visit the Holocaust Portraits exhibition at Alexandra Palace today and see the portraits of holocaust survivors in Britain, including local resident Sue Humphrey. Their suffering, and those of all who suffered in the holocaust, can never be forgotten.

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RT @DrMarcusP: RT @DrMarcusP: Western media justifiably condemns neo-Nazis in US but says nothing about neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers in Ukraine and the…

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RT @Thomasgordon01: RT @Thomasgordon01: @daverich1 @toadmeister Here’s Ken Loach unable to say Holocaust happened.

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RT @ziahaiderrahman: As a child in a library in London, I was terrified when I read of the Holocaust: If they could do that to people who looked like them, imagine what they could do to me? Today, genocides are taking place everywhere and are part of our modern story. I'm not sure the human animal